7 Money-Saving Actions to Take Before Year-End

As the days get shorter and our to-do lists seem to get longer, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the many activities around the holidays and the end of the year. Personally, a good list helps me stay on track and bring some order to a hectic time, helping me be intentional in how I want to finish out the year. As the song goes, “making a list, checking it twice” seems to be the common practice to manage to-do’s, gifts, events and year-end wrap up. In this Wealthwise, we’ve put together some guides to help you finish out your 2021 financial to-do list and make a strong start to 2022. From savings to retirement and charitable giving to money-saving actions to take before year-end, we’re hoping to inspire you to put some intention around wrapping up your financial year and to provide some peace of mind in a busy time. So, grab a mug of cocoa, settle into a cozy spot and enjoy the stories below.

7 Money-Saving Actions to Take Before Year-End

Before 2021 ends, be sure to check out our list of seven money-saving actions that may help you maintain the greatest amount of after-tax wealth. Read more >

Maximize Your Impact: Charitable Giving Strategies

With the giving season well underway, time is running out to revisit your charitable giving plan and the tools you want to employ in it this year. Read more >

Do Low Fixed Income Yields Have You Worried About Retirement?

Learn how you can give yourself the best odds of meeting your retirement goals in today’s low-yield environment for fixed income. Read more >

Where to Save Your Next Available Dollar

Have your savings goals for the year been met? Take a look at which savings vehicle or account should receive your next available dollar – and in what order. Read more >

Long-Term Disability Insurance: You Likely Need More Protection Than You Have

The closer you can get to matching your current income with a long-term disability insurance solution, the more peace of mind you’ll have that, if disability should strike, you’ll still be able to stay on track to reach your financial and life goals. Read more >